Is it possible to remove hair anywhere on the body by laser?

With absolutely all areas of the body, hair can be removed except lids. Also, what is difficult and almost impossible to remove are white (not blonde) hairs. Lasers cling to certain pigments – eumelanin and very weak to feomelanin – blue, red hair. A new generation of lasers can handle this. But if the hair is completely white – the laser is bypassed. Our laser clinic etobicoke is the best one in the area. So, if you are interested in hair removal make sure to contact us today and let us know about your requests.

Why is hair color and skin type determined by the success of laser hair removal?

In the body there are certain chromophores – these are the substances on which the laser beam is especially accumulated and caught. One is hemoglobin in the blood, thus we remove the capillaries and veins, the other is water, we work fractionally, cut through the skin, tighten the face, and the third thing is melanin, and it is found in dark pigment. The hair is darker and it is easier to remove it because it focuses and captures a larger beam of rays. The smaller the amount of melanin and the hair is brighter, it is more difficult to remove. With the help of new laser generations, it is also possible to remove blond hair because higher power settings are used, such as a trick of tissue warming around the hair, so the matrix and root can be completely destroyed. In white hair – it is possible to treat it, but the effects are not the same as in the dark, and it takes a lot more treatment to achieve something more concrete.

 Laser hair removal

In the end, are there any risks of laser hair removal, and what advice would you all be to those who opt for laser hair removal, to which they must pay particular attention?

You could not use lasers for the summer, but as technology progressed, lasers are completely safe to use throughout the year, treatments can be done even after solariums.

Before removing hair, a person should not be 9 to 10 days in the sun for melanin that develops in the skin. Skin irritation can occur after treatment, if the strength of the laser is strong and if you are sensitive. If you are taking photos that are photosensitive then the laser beam is in great difficulty because the antibiotic is deposited in the skin and there may be major changes in the color of the skin. Otherwise, the side effects are very small. Possible hyperpigmentation is transient.

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