Is Marital Arts All About Competition

Having touched the notion of competition and modestly entering the history of north york martial arts, it is necessary to describe in more detail the characteristics and features of the sport. The main goal is to defeat the opponent, under the auspices of certain rules. Sport has become a true sociological phenomenon of contemporary society, and the competition has become a real sensation in the expectation of the audience that the match or the match is interesting and that their favorite wins. Sport aims to improve and develop the potentials and abilities of a man, through learning to compete honesty.


Today, martial arts, created by martial sports, have all revolutions of other sports. There is a set of rules and people who compete within them. The rules are set for security, with the emphasis of allowed techniques that should be effective but exciting and correct. There is also a division of competitors by sex, age, weight and level of skill in order to make the fight as equal as possible. Many techniques have been thrown out and are no longer being taught, and therefore are not being used for security reasons in matches

. Often, the rules change so that the fight is more interesting, above all. In modern tae-kwon-dou and karate, hits in the head are banned, but not with the feet, so that we can see quite exciting bumps in the match. Judges no longer have to watch the whole thing, and boxers do not have to worry about kicking and throwing, and all over again for the fight to be more interesting.

The point of marital arts is to acquire the applicable combat skills in every situation. When we fight for our lives, the last thing we remember is that the fight is fair. We want to get as much benefits as possible to our advantage. And it is most likely that if someone attacks you, he will also want every advantage on his side, so self-defense training is directed not against the opponent in the same weight category, but with an opponent or opponents of different weights, heights, years, as well as a different martial style, experience and knowledge.

In the struggle for life, we want to learn to gain every advantage we can, and it is necessary to learn to fight “dirty”, to use anything like a weapon from our environment, how to adapt and survive in any newly created, planned or unplanned situation. In sports, we are subject to rules and nothing can be used that our opponent does not have in a time-limited fight. Real fight is unpredictable and you cannot know what the opponent knows and whether there are any weapons, whether he himself is a weapon, how much the fight will last, etc. Due to the abundance of unpredictable factors, martial arts training itself is more complex in every aspect of preparation and methodology of learning.

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