Kumkum, Its Benefits, Uses And Method Of Application

Kumkum is widely used in temples and are given to devotees. Kumkum is made basically out of turmeric. Therefore it contains many good qualities of turmeric and thereby can be used for daily needs. But if you want to get really benefited by using Kumkum then buy them from authentic Kumkum supplier in Rajasthan. They provide you with good quality Kumkum – devoid of chemicals – that make you feel better after its application.

Benefits of Kumkum

There are certain substances that absorb good energy efficiently than other substances. Kumkum is one such substance and can be used on a daily basis for feeling better. Kumkum is vastly worn by the devotees of Shakti. Kumkum helps in raising our energies and help in activating our third eye if applied properly on our forehead. But you need to use high quality Kumkum bought from A-one Kumkum Powder manufacturers in India and has to wear them continuously for the same. Certain practices done along with wearing Kumkum helps you in activating your third eye properly. Thus Kumkum assists in activating positive energy inside us and are believed to be helpful in third eye activation too.

Its uses

Kumkum has two main uses. These two uses are:

  1. Married women wear them as an indicator for being married
  2. People wear it on the third eye region.

Married women wear them as an indicator for being married

Women use Kumkum on the top of their forehead – in between the central hair parting – after getting married. It helps people in understanding that a woman is already married and is not available for new relationships / is not approachable.

People wear it on the third eye region.

Kumkum is also worn in between the eye brows for activating positive energy at the ajna chakra or the third eye area. This is why temples offer Kumkum as ‘prasad’. The Kumkum placed at vibrant places like temples absorb immense amount of positive energy and therefore benefit people who apply it.

How to apply kumkum

Kumkum has to be applied with deep respect. It is true that Kumkum gathered from powerful places can supply enough energy but the attitude of the person also matters much. Your thoughts are powerful and therefore positive attitude has to be maintained while wearing Kumkum. Trust the benefits of Kumkum and be positive while wearing it.

Use your ring finger for wearing Kumkum. This helps in awakening the ajna chakra effectively. It is always better to use your own fingers to apply Kumkum rather than any artificial tools as your fingers have the power of stimulating energy in your body. (That is why most of the people in India do oil body & head massage themselves on a daily basis – for activating their body and thereby feel refreshed & energized.)

Use Kumkum instead of Bindi. The artificial Bindi you buy from shops are made up of plastic and has glue towards its backside. This blocks your ajna chakra. It also inhibits the positive flow of energy towards the third eye area. Therefore use Kumkum instead of artificial sticking Bindi. Now we have come to the end of the discussion on Kumkum, its benefits & uses. We have also discussed the proper applying method of Kumkum. Let us take fast look on the main points in our conclusion part.

Buy only high quality Kumkum or collect them from temples. Kumkum collected from temple as ‘prasad’ are very effective as such Kumkum – being present in highly powerful places like temple for long time before getting distributed – supply enough positive energy. Kumkum that is worn properly using the ring finger in between your eye brows helps in awakening shakti or positive energy inside you. This is believed to help in opening your third eye – if applied continuously for a long time with the right positive attitude. Women who are married apply Kumkum on their forehead and thereby let people understand that they are already engaged and are not approachable. Buy good quality Kumkum and apply them in the right way mentioned above for enjoying its benefits.