Period Problems

What Is Normal And When A Doctor Is Needed; 101 On Period Problems

After you hit puberty your brain sends a signal every month to the ovaries saying ‘hello there, time to release an egg’. Every woman goes through the same process about 450 times in her life. When you hear about it, they sound ah-mazing from the outside you know motherhood and all, but when you go through it, they don’t feel as wonderful from the inside.

Ladies, we know every month for a few days you transform into somebody else. It feels different not just physically but emotionally also. Trust us we know the change is not always good. Don’t let this monthly visitor derail you instead learn to manage the baggage it brings.


Periods start off with light flow and gradually gets heavier before tapering off. An average blood loss is about 2 to 4 tablespoon in each cycle. Small clots are common but clots which are quarter-size or larger may be alarming, and you should consult a doctor for a safe side.


Muscles tighten and relax to get blood out of the uterus; this is the reason of sharp pain between the lower back and stomach. If you feel like your ovaries are being squeezed, that’s normal despite how wrong it may sound or feel. Order some over-the-counter pain reliefs through discount codes and promo codes uk and take rest. However, if you double over with pain or it takes your breath away, check in on the earliest with your doctor.


The menstrual starts on the first day of the period and ends on the first day of the next which means it is a continuous process. The average length of a cycle is 28 days but don’t worry between 21 to 35 days is perfectly normal. Ideally, it should happen like this, but there are many factors that affect the period cycle including weight gain or loss, stress, and diet.

Missing Periods

A missed period doesn’t imply you have conceived; it is pretty normal to skip one in a while. If it happens too often or you have missed more than one period first thing to do is a pregnancy test in case if you are sexually active. Once you are sure, see a doctor either way.


You may want to eat the entire world in when bleeding and then feel nauseated. Don’t panic and blame yourself for overeating until you have actually eaten a lot. Nausea is a normal part of a period. Nausea, headache, diarrhoea, and vomiting during periods are caused by a hormone prostaglandin which is shed with the uterine lining, but some of it still gets into the bloodstream. So, don’t worry and get home delivered whatever you are craving by availing discount codes and promo codes uk.

Mood Swings

A lot has been said about the mood swings during pregnancy but moodiness during the periods is often brushed under the carpet. Hormones work really hard before and during the periods, and as they rise and fall, your mood also rises and fall. Be ready and expect to feel crabbiness to anger and happiness to teary-eyed and everything in between.