Trust Us For Your Liquid Manufacturing

Your company needs a reliable GMP-certified facility to manufacture its healthcare products. We offer excellent-quality liquid contract manufacturing in Orange County, CA so that all of your products can be quickly shipped from Los Angeles ports or other quick shipping points in the area. You can rely on our reputation for providing liquid manufacturing and shipping services that are among the best in the industry.

We are committed to saving you money through short turnaround times for your private label. We do this in addition to providing product warehousing and drop shipping and tracking. We can even design and print your label.

Our team will work with you to create and produce the custom formulas you want to sell to your customers to improve their health. We do this by sourcing the best raw ingredients that have been tested and proven effective. The quality of our ingredients and our commitment to consistently provide superior manufacturing processes make us the best partner you can have to get your product on the shelves and in people’s homes.

The size of your business doesn’t matter. We work with startups to create low minimum runs at a rate that is not overly costly, and we also work with medium-sized entities that want to scale up. We want to build relationships with our clients that will last for years to come, and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and high-quality products.

We offer a certified GMP facility, meaning that the quality of our manufacturing process meets exacting standards, and we also stay current on the regulatory requirements in the health supplement industry, which are often in a state of flux. Additionally, we can provide research and development services for your product. Our equipment is new and in excellent repair. We also provide raw material lab testing and analysis.

Our work began nearly 25 years ago as a supplement company, and we know how important it is for supplements to be of the best quality to promote the health of customers. We work with companies of all sizes that also hold the value that building up the health of others is some of the most important work in the world. When you need the best in liquid contract manufacturing right here in the United States, look no further. We will be proud to produce your supplements and help your company succeed.