Why Are People Choosing Sulphite Free Wines?

Sulphite free wine has become an increasingly popular and more important product over the past ten years or so, due to wine consumers having realised that the standard wines we have been purchasing from our supermarket shelves are not always the best for our bodies, one only has to check the ingredients.

While there will almost certainly always be a huge number of wine types and brands on our supermarket shelves, there is a severe lack of natural, healthier and a more quality choice of wine available for the more health conscious shopper. This is because the supermarkets and other large scale suppliers are running their operations so that they are making as much profit as they can, while serving a mediocre product.

Sulphite free and natural wines are becoming more and more popular as we are becoming more and more conscious of our health, and the effect of consuming unhealthy, sulphite packed foods and wines. Below is a more in-depth look into sulphites and the effects they can have when they are consumed.

What are sulphites?

Sulphites are added to wine to help preserve it, allowing the wine to last longer in unfavourable conditions. In our humble opinion, this is the sign of a bad wine. The best wines are the ones that require a little bit of attention to their storage and transport conditions but are kept free from unnatural chemicals that do not appear organically during the fermentation and manufacturing processes.

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Mass wine producers don’t like making this type of wine as it is a much more risky prospect. The final product doesn’t always come out perfect and the process takes slightly more time, money and care. But when you do get a good natural wine, you will be completely and utterly overjoyed at its quality. Those who convert to sulphite free or natural wines will always tell you about their health improvements, as sulphites can make people feel fatigue and even causes rashes.

Some producers may brand themselves as organic wine producers or as “preservative free”. Always check that your retailer is reputable, as there are wine merchants out there that are not keeping their full integrity by altering the truth. A quality wine merchant provides only the most honest and trusted range of wines under their natural wine offerings, so you’ll be sure that you get a quality product.

Drinking standard wines begs the question; why would you make a huge effort to eat well and stay healthy, just to throw it all away by chucking a bottle load of sulphites down your neck? Drinking in a much healthier and natural manner is a sensible thing to do and will help you to avoid having that dodgy head and stomach the next day with natural wines.

Should you wish to find out more about sulphite free and natural wines then do not hesitate to get in touch with a respected online wine merchant. They are “ripe” with knowledge about their products and will be more than happy to help you make a decision on the natural wine for you. Their expert knowledge will be incredibly useful to you and soon you will be converting other wine drinkers to the healthier sulphite free options.